Saturday, November 27, 2010

Already a good day :)

Isn't crazy how Christmas music can put you in the best mood ever?  In addition to Christmas music I have an awesome husband working on graduate school applications and and the CUTEST little boy ever sleeping sweetly :)  Also, I had trouble picking out an outfit for today... amazing!  You wanna know why I had trouble picking something out?  Because I can fit into soooooo many more clothes than I could a week ago!  Pregnancy was great, I loved having Henry wiggle around and make me have to pee every 2 seconds... but it feels sooooooo good to have my body back.  Well, most of it.  He still owns my ladies if you know what I mean... and I have a stomach that looks like jello but it's better than looking like a basketball. 

I've uploaded some more random pictures from my camera.  It's such a good day already!  Henry slept from 10:30pm to 2am!  Then from 3 to 6!  And then from 7 to 8.  He woke up and daddy read him books while I took a shower.  Then I got to read books and feed him while daddy took a shower.  Now he's sleeping again.  Wow, just so grateful for a wonderful morning :)

 Morgan and Henry at the Hospital
 Leaving the hospital!
 Henry has inherited some traits from his aunt Halee.  First, he sticks his tongue out all the time.  Second, Halee has started a trend of lifting up her shirt at random times for no exact reason... Here is Henry doing the same.
 Morgan reading Henry his favorite book so far (the only book we've read him so far)
 First bath... this one wasn't very fun for him.  We had to sponge bathe him because of his circumcision.  But now that it is healed he loves being submerged in the warm water.

 Getting dressed after the bath!
This is from the hospital.  Grammy loves his little feet :) 
Grammy has already bought a bib for Henry.  It says, "If Mommy says no, than ask grandma."