Sunday, January 23, 2011

Part 1 of the break!

Holy cow... we've been gone for over a month!  Our baby is twice what I last posted.  Ahhh.  I've got a lot of pictures and stories :)  Here we go!

We went to Arizona to visit my family.  Henry and I went on Dec 15th and Morgan came on the 19th- he had do finish finals :(.  He got really good grades last semester so I guess it's a good thing he stayed behind for a couple of days.  The day after Morgan got there we went shooting with everyone... I'm not a gun person but it was a lot of fun.  Props to David for being mister safety and props to my husband for having really good aim!  I was surprised by how well he did.  I'm speculating he works for the government as a secret agent.

Henry stayed in the car for most of it so he didn't hurt his ears.  We took shifts sitting in the car with him :)  He did so good!

 Morgan did a lot of sleeping over the break.  He's kind of like a bear... winter break is when he catches up on sleep.  Speaking of sleep- Morgan sleeps through EVERYTHING!  It's actually pretty hilarious.  At my parents house he decided to sleep by the bassinet so he could hand Henry to me when he was hungry.  The first night I had to get up and go get Henry because he wouldn't budge for the crying or for me hitting him.  The next night he succussfully handed Henry to me and then I asked him for the binky that was in the bassinet.  He starts looking for it then mumbles I don't know what you're asking me.  And laid down back to sleep.  And one night I had just finished feeding Henry, I put him back in the bassinet, and he started crying.  I was really tired so I asked Morgan if he would take Henry this time.  He said ok- picked Henry up- and handed him right to me!  After seeing my face he quickly took Henry back :)  Oh, so many funny times.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this picture...
 My mom was soooo good with Henry.  He had been pretty fussy the first month but once we got to Az everything changed.  My mom invented the hold that could settle him down and get him to sleep so fast.  She even got Daisy to like him :)  He was so good and cute for her.
Courtesy of Sean and Shari Tate Morgan and I got to go see the Suns!!!  They played 76ers and lost!  So lame... but it was REALLY fun and we were sitting in the 17th row!  Boosh! (Gulliver's Travel reference).  Henry stayed at home with gramy and grandpa. 

Here isn't even a quarter of the people that held Henry... These are all the pics I have though





 We had an awesome Christmas loaded with movies, wii, sweet gifts and laughter. 
We also were able to bless Henry in my parent's ward.  My mom has all the pictures of everyone there but here's him in his blessing outfit.
Oh man it was just so fun being back to the hometown and seeing everyone.  Here is Henry exhausted from all the fun of Arizona and heading to Utah! 


  1. Henry is so, so cute! Glad you guys had a great time visiting family! I love the pic of Henry with Daisy :)

  2. Thanks for all the cute pictures!! It sounds like you had a great vacation. Henry is so cute! I agree that the picture of Henry and Daisy is so precious!