Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Fun

When Morgan got back, I got to go out for a girls night with ladies in my ward.  I don't really prefer the term "ladies".  It sounds old and adult like.  But that's the word I used.  Oh well.  First we went to Pizzaria Regina's.  Amazing!  Then after we went and had cake and ice cream and talked about everything from the ward we're in to our husbands weird habits.  Good times.  It was nice to get out and enjoy an evening and still know Henry was in good hands at home :) 
 We ran out of church pants for Henry on Sunday... So he wore jeans.  But he's just so cute it doesn't even matter!
 On President's day we decided to have a family outing and take Henry outside for the sole purpose of playing in the snow.  I think maybe Morgan and I enjoyed it more than Henry but it was pretty fun family event :)
 My boys!
 When we got inside Henry clung to my shoulder and wouldn't let go... I think he was a little traumatized.
 Today we had Magnus come over and play while his mom packed.  He is moving to Vermont on Saturday so it was fun to play for a little while.  It'll be really sad to see them leave :(
Henry really loves his baths.  Hopefully that will continue into toddler hood ;)  ha.

Yes, I am procrastinating on my homework.  Blogging about Henry is so much more fun!  Loving it!


  1. He is just so dang cute! Miss you guys!!

  2. Love the snow tubing video :) You are such a fun momma! I miss you, but can't wait until you come back to the west coast!