Saturday, February 12, 2011


Oh man!  I feel like I haven't blogged in forever... mostly because I wouldn't let myself blog until I got my PowerPoint done for school.  That was really painful.  But I just submitted it so lets hope it passes and I don't have to look at it ever again!  On a brighter note I am now done with my general courses and now I start all the cool classes about teaching and special education.  Woot!  I feel like so much has happened since my last post so here we go!  Every Friday we go to institute.  Luckily everyone is baby friendly and luckily we have such a good kid!  Here's daddy and Henry listening intently... I was too but I couldn't pass up this picture ;)
 On the T... My boys are tired!
 I have to take Henry around like this because with the snow piles everywhere there's no way to get a stroller through it all.  It's really kind of nice though.  Hands free... and I think Henry likes it too.  He instantly falls asleep when he's in there- probably feels like the womb again :)
 Last weekend we went on the Harvard Latter-Day Saint Student Association retreat (basically all the Mormons at Harvard).  We really had a blast.  It was fun to get to know all the people that go to school with Morgan and just have fun.  We played games, ate food, watched movies, had a devotional, did improv, played more games, and slept a little bit.  We stayed in a HUGE house with like, 20 beds and two kitchens.  Of course I only got one picture right before we left and guess who it is???
 So, Henry's name is actually John Henry Pope.  This is because his uncles name is John.  And his uncle John has an uncle John and uncle John's uncle John has an uncle John as well.  And all of these uncle John's actually go by Uncle Jack.  Henry's Uncle Jack is one with really great style and has gotten Henry some really awesome outfits and I just couldn't wait to put him in them.  Too cute!
 Uncle Jack knows how to crochet and this, I have to say, is an amazing work of art! 
 It's been a really big week for Henry!  We usually have to put at blanket in the bumbo so he can sit up... But he can do it all by himself now!!!  Also, he found out he has feet!  We got a cute picture of the moment too.  With that, he's really learning how to interact with toys!  I mean, more than just look at them.  He'll give his best attempt at grabbing and chewing.  Sometimes he can even get his hands right to hold his bottle.  It's so fun to watch!!!
This is our living room on most days.  Henry loves to just hang out.  By the way, the swing is like... a life saver. 

 This is Morgan's work station when we're not eating food :)  He's been really enjoying his classes and he's learning a lot.  And..... drum roll please.... we found out last night that he got accepted to MIT!!! l;aksdvoiaedfjkaskjgh;aher;agnkr.  Holy cow who did I marry?????  The top two engineering schools want my husband!  Man, it's just crazy.  He was really excited and he's always so sweet about it.  Ali called me last night and these are her words, "What the hell?  Does he even know how smart he is???"  She always knows how to pick the best words :)  So ya, he/we have a big decision to make.  There are so many good things that come with both schools.  We'll wait and find out about funding and then decide.  Oh man... SO CRAZY!!!!
 Ok, so here are the kids I babysat before Henry came along.  I was going to babysit again but they are moving!  To HAWAII!  I got to babysit them on Tuesday.  Morgan was there so it was good to have the help :)  These kids are soooooooo awesome.  Really, I'm going to miss them and their parents so much.  They've been like a second family here always giving us rides, inviting us over, feeding us food, and really being great friends.  Here we are... I went from 1 kid to 4!
 This is Pearl.  3 weeks younger than Henry.  No, it's not a wig.  That is really her hair!  She's such a cute baby.  And I still can't get over all that hair!
 The boys watching Toy Story :)
 I love this little smile.  Brightens my day every time.

 Man bonding time :)
These little hands are sooooo cute.  It's amazing how when those little fingers wrap around mine I feel like a million dollars.  How great is it that I get to raise such a sweet sweet boy!  Ah, I love it.

 So... I'm speculating that Henry will be left handed.  Not just because he could make an awesome baseball, basketball, and volleyball player.  But because when he's playing with things it's usually his left hand that's doing all the work!  I'm not gonna lie, it's a little weird to be left-handed.  But with his father's promising height genes and my outstanding athletic genes- combine that with a left hander... Oh man.  unstoppable.
 No, not potty training just yet ;)  He was watching mom do her hair.  Gotta love those overalls!
 So we got this on yeah!  Julie Andrews is the Man!  We sing Edelweiss to Henry all the time. 
Woah, that was a lot.  Good to get it all out there.  I can't wait to see what new things Henry learns this week!


  1. Congrats again to Morgan! Good luck in the decision making! Seriously, that little Henry is so stinkin' cute!! Love the Cookie Monster get up...too cute!

  2. The cookie monster outfit killed me...seriously!