Monday, April 25, 2011

Cars, Easter, and Parties!

Man, I just can get enough of this kid!  He's so sweet.  This is his ring of pillows so he can sit up by himself.
And then a couple days later he just didn't need the pillows anymore!  It's crazy how fast he learns!

And for the big announcement... we officially have a car.  That's right, it's ours!  :)  Henry likes it almost as much as his dad.  I love it too.  This is the biggest purchase we've ever made so it's kind of a big deal.
We had some help car shopping from Morgan's extended family, the Kernan's.  They are actually Morgan's Grandma's cousins but because all of our closer family is on the west coast they are our east coast family and we're soooooooo glad to have them.  Seriously, they are incredibly thoughtful.  Just picture the most down to earth classy New Engand family you can think of- that's them.  And even more, they LOVE Henry.  When they see him it's like he's their kid!  And I love it.  People at church and neighbors think he's cute and comment on it... But the Kernan's ADORE him just like family is supposed to.  I'm really grateful to have that especially since Henry hasn't been around family too much.  Recently they have taken us to and from the car dealership (I think three times!), they had us over for dessert on Susan's bday, and had us over again for Easter.  We're really going to miss this family!!!!

So Easter morning went like this- Me: Henry look!  A bright colored basket with candy in it. (He looks at it and dumps it over).  Morgan: Is that a kit-kat??? (Starts eating all the candy ;))  It's still early to start the whole candy thing so I won't tell you how I know that Henry likes chocolate.

He got a really cute Easter outfit and he just looked so adorable.  Boston decided to be warm that morning too!  So we got to go out and take pictures on a bench that I've wanted to take pictures on for a really long time.  I didn't realize how dirty it was until we got down there.  Oops.

My Boys!!!!

Look at those blue eyes!!!
We had MASH over a couple weeks ago- we're going to miss this group so much!!!!
I promise I don't torture my kid...Sometimes things just happen ya know?

Update: I have my husband back now that his thesis is done and he's all caught up in his other classes.  We'll for sure be at Stanford for the summer term and he'll be working for a professor there.  He's been really helpful in letting me get my school work done!  It's been so nice.  I passed a teacher's licensure test the other day which was a big relief.  It is the first of many tests I have to take so starting off on the right foot is always encouraging.  Henry is drooling, rolling over, and sitting up like crazy.  He's learned how to buzz his lips and he loves it.


  1. You guts are soo cute! Hope you had a happy easter!

  2. I like your car! Isn't it so nice to have your own set of wheels?! No more walking to and from the store with a bunch of bags (and a baby)! Congrats. Oh, and I love Henry's different hair styles! Cute!

  3. Henry is really so cute! Congrats on the care :)

  4. Love the hair styles! Congrats on the car. And your baby REALLY is adorable.