Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just can't get enough

Guess what!?!  It's actually warm outside and it has been for a couple days!  Yay!  Seriously... I feel like Henry has been cooped up all winter and we can finally take him out without having to put a billion layers on.  It's so fun to see people outside planting, reading, walking, and all that.  Henry and I actually met Morgan for a picnic in Harvard Yard on Friday.  This kind of weather/life is what made me come to Boston.  I love the grassy areas in the middle of old brick buildings.  I love the cool breeze that cools you down from the warm sun (As opposed to the hot breezes you get in Arizona).  I love laid back feeling of people sitting under trees reading and studying.  I love the flowers in bloom and the smell of fresh air.  I love it ALL!!!!  But I'm hoping to get a similar experience at Stanford- maybe better because it will only be 2 months of semi-cold weather instead of 6 long dreary dreadful ones. 
Just to be clear... Morgan HATES it when I put his hair in a mohawk.  I think it's cute but it's not my favorite hairstyle.  The thing is, I want to "do" his hair but it's so fine and thin you can't do anything too awesome.  Mostly I just part it, but I need him to grow some more hair so I can play with it :)
***Note: This does not mean I know/want to do girls hair- that's way out of my league.  Boy hair is the extent of my hair doing hobbies.
Henry has been eating a lot lately!  Probably about 34oz of formula plus 2-3 quarter cup size servings of baby food.  He literally eats every two hours.  The formula is always around every 4 hours.  And the baby food in between those.  I'm not sure he really needs the baby food but he loves eating it.  He loves eating in general.  No, he wasn't eating the apple, just sucking on it.  But it's a pretty cute picture right?
Are you talking to me?

Just to illustrate just how much he likes to eat here are a few examples of his chewing abilities (and by few I mean maybe 2% of all that he chews)

I'm not sure what I did to deserve this face but it must have been something traumatizing.
He stood up in his crib for a minute (with my help in getting him there)
And this is what came after....

I needed to take a big grocery trip last week and I had Henry with me so I took the car instead of walking.  Therefore, for the first time since Henry was born I was able to put him in a grocery cart and push him around (my sister Carlee made the baby cover and it totally ROCKS!)
Remember how I said he likes food?  Well, I think he decided the grocery store is heaven.  He was such a good boy!  Smiling and talking, getting compliments from everyone we walked by... it was incredible.  I just might take him on my next trip.
He's almost to the crawling stage.  Man, it's all just so fun!  I loved him from the beginning but I'm so glad he's not staying a newborn.  He learns so fast I can't even handle it.  At least one new thing a week. 

***Note#2: Don't judge the messy bed. 
I know that was a lot of pictures with Henry.  I'm one of those crazy mom's that thinks that their kid is the center of the universe.  Not really, but kind of...just sometimes.  Comes and goes ya know?  I'm still working through school and finding a little time to pack here and there.  Morgan's birthday is this week... I'm still trying to work out plans but I really want to give him a good day.  He's accomplished so much this past year! 


  1. I love seeing all the Henry pictures. He's such a handsome little guy!

  2. Henry's so close to crawling One day he's just going to shock you and do it! Good luck when he does too...Fun Fun. No really it's so fun, and you have an excuse to why your floors a little cluttered!

  3. So STINKING cute!!! Can't wait to cuddle with him! Thank you so much for posting these great pictures so we can share your happy times.