Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I think I have my head above water now.

Well, maybe it's more like my nose but we're getting there.  This past month has been really eventful... I'll try to only pick 1 or 2 pictures of each event and keep descriptions short because we all know everyone is just here to see pictures of Henry anyway.  Here it goes-

Morgan graduated!!!! Who could have known you could start college in 2005, go on a 2-year mission, date a girl (briefly), get married, have a kid, and graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering with honors in 2011.  Man, this guy I call my husband- he rocks.  Word.

 A big big big thanks to everyone that came out to watch it all happen and to help with the move.  I really would have gone crazy if I didn't have all the help.  Love you guys!
 Also, a thanks to mom for taking 9 bags to Az with her.  Man, ya gotta love flight benefits.

And so, we left Boston.  I miss it.  I really do.  But there's a lot here for us in California.  It's like, your first boyfriend.  Nope.  Bad example.  It's like, leaving the place where you met, married, started a family and heading somewhere new and full of opportunity.  Exactly like that actually. 
 Morgan and Lyle drove the car and trailer (can you guess what the homemade frame is made out of?  Morgan really used his engineering skills :)) across country.
Meanwhile, J Henry, Jane and I made a trip up to Jackson Hole to visit everyone.  Henry loved it and everyone there.  We had SUCH a good time.  I can't wait to go again.  It was soooooo beautiful.
 Then we stopped back in Logan.  We got to spend a little time with grandma and grandpa Pope!  Henry sure does miss these guys!
 Gotta have some quality time with Jack.
 Next stop was Carlsbad, CA with my family (Henry's first time to the beach).  It was a big hit.
 That is... the sand was a big hit. 
 Until it became a little bit too much :)

 We stopped in Az for a little while and then... dun da dnaaa.  Welcome home to San Fransisco!
 The area is so nice.  Stanford is beautiful and we have a big playground in our backyard.  We're still getting settled here and there but we're here.  And it feels good.  And Henry is happy.
 And learning new tricks.  Like trying to stand, clapping, crawling without his belly on the ground, and having 1 and a half teeth!  So exciting.
 For the Fourth of July we went to the beach and had a really great time.  Hence, Morgan and J Henry pondering life overlooking the ocean.

 Don't worry, all the sand that went in his mouth made it out today.  I know this for a fact.
Now that I'm up to speed I'm ready to blog regularly again... I hope because I hate doing the whole "catch up" thing.  Just to make it quick we'll do 10 updates on the Pope's.

1. Morgan is now going by his middle name Thomas (this is really hard for me to get used to)

2. I'm still wondering when the "mature mother" phase is going to happen (someone told me I look like a teenager. wow.)

3. Panda Express, Jack in the Box, and Chipotle are minutes from my house.  Score!

4. Henry only crawls for food, electronics, or his binky.

5. Thomas just got a bike.

6. I'm taking a spin class.

7. J Henry has lots of friends here.

8. J Henry's parents are working on having lots of friends here

9. We've met Israeli, Russian, Hispanic, Chinese, and Korean families that live around us.

10. I know I'm young but a teenager.  Really?  That was so 2 years ago! :)

Team Pope is back.

The end.


  1. Congratulations to, Thomas!

    Looks like a fun summer, hope San Francisco treats you well!

  2. That must have been a fun diaper to change... lol =P. Wow! You have been busy! Sounds like you had lots of fun visiting, but I bet your also glad to be settling in again.

  3. Finn's first name is Erik which I called him for the first 2 years of our marriage before he made the switch. I still can't keep it straight though! Good luck getting used to it :)

    Congratulations and enjoy San Francisco. Henry looks adorable!

  4. Whoop whoop! Good to hear from you guys! We miss you over here on the other side of the continent. You guys look great, and Henry is getting so big! :)