Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This one is lame.

I'm just posting this to make me feel like I'm on top of things.  Sorry for it's lameness.  First, let's talk about some things on my mind lately. 
1. Why do I shave my legs.  Seriously, I only did it in high school because I played volleyball and people made me.  I do it now because it's a social norm but seriously it's so annoying.

2. The cycle of making new friends.  Most of us do it over and over again.  From elementary to middle school, to high school, to college, to marriage, to graduate school... It's just a lot, and it's hard.  I really like the new friends we're making but sometimes I just wish I could keep all my old ones.

3. Space.  I talked to Morgan (Thomas) the other day.  I think we decided if there was ever a mission to be the first people to live in space, we'd want to be part of it. 

4. Money.  Why is it that the one thing that's supposed to not matter actually does.  I wish it didn't.  Then I could go to Disneyland all the times I want.  Then I could go see family whenever I want.  Then I could buy all of our food pre-made.  Too good to be true.  I know.

Ok, I won't trouble everyone with my deep thoughts any longer.  It's been a while and I don't have any of my pictures because I left my camera in Wyoming.  I do have some from my phone though.  MT (new Morgan Thomas reference) really enjoys the lab he works in.  He builds miniature airplanes and is figuring the best way to make them "jump", land vertically on walls, and once on the wall reposition itself.  So my husband plays for a living basically.  School doesn't start until 9/26 so that rocks. 

3 weeks ago we went on a big road trip from here to Logan, UT then a mini trip to Wyoming.  Then down to AZ and now we're back here in the beautiful city of Palo Alto.  We drove through the night so J Henry didn't have to sit in the car all day.  It was actually a really fun trip and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Here are some pics:

Man, I really don't have the desire to write everything that we did.  But it really was awesome.  Thanks to all the family for making so nice.  Sorry for the lack of info but you're here to see the pictures anyway.
Henry LOVES cars.  Here he is just sitting on a picnic table just watching cars.  Aunt Emmee has come out a few times to visit- and babysit- score!
 He loves the playground in our back yard.  Believe it or not AZ folks but it does get kind of chilly at night.  It's pretty crazy.  And so nice.  Have I mentioned that this place is amazing?!!!!  The weather, people, playgrounds, swimming pools- just awesome.

 Henry is very good at making friends :)  Eden and Johnny are 3 months older than him so he tries to keep up.  They're really fun to have around!

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