Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is love.

I'm making MT write the post today.  I don't know why.  Just feel like it.  It's our family night activity :)  So, here it goes!

Hi everybody.  Sadi uploaded all the pictures, so all I have to do is write about them.  This is important, because frankly I had no idea what parts of my life have happened in the last two weeks.  I think the California weather is messing with my internal clock, because it feels like no time has passed since we got here.  There are no cues!  The weather is the same!  It could be June!

Anyway, this is Henry reading.  We're concerned because we feel like he spends too much time focusing on books that only have nouns in them - "boy", "girl", "apple", "airport fire engine", "mongolian ostrich", etc.  I mean, he's almost ten months old!  Where are the adjectives? The adverbs? The participles?  Anyway.
About this next picture - I know what you're thinking: "Why have Sadi and Morgan planted a garden in their living room?" Well, dear friends, you won't believe your eyes when I tell you that it is not a garden, but rather two new couches cleverly disguised as flower patches!  This is our strategy to attract bees and prevent people from staying too long in our house.  The couches were gifted to us from our new Bishop and his wife in exchange for a lifetime supply of cinnamon rolls.  We definitely got the better end of the deal - the couches are fantastic, deep, clean, and not used in the slightest.  And they can blend in when we go on our commando raids.

Has this picture been on here before?  I feel like it should have been.  My son is ... well, he's growing up fast.  A little bit too fast for Eden's mom!  This is a very forward moment, but considering that she's the one who pushes him around in the fire truck, I don't think it was all his idea :).

Sadi and I have recently joined a squad of elite commandos tasked with defending the earth from aliens and denizens of the underworld.  This is us during our first night on the job, patrolling in our Subaru!  If you look closely, you can see a velociraptor in the rear window.  It's been a lot of fun, and we feel like it makes our marriage that much stronger to work together against gremlins, hobgoblins, and people who wear loafers with no socks.  Sadi is, as always, absolutely beautiful when she's in action, especially when she's deploying troops or using morse code.  We have a good time.
 With some encouragement from Sadi and some free wood from the remains of someone's desk, I have created counterspace!  It's pretty simple, but it gives Sadi a place for her Bosch, which is where the magic happens.  Sadi is so cool about loving it when I do projects - it makes me all that more excited to play with my power tools.  She kind of rocks that way.
 Aunt Ali came to visit Henry! (and us?) She was here for the long weekend and I think they both had an awesome time.  We went to San Francisco and ate Italian food and saw the Golden Gate Bridge and played four dozen hours of Super Mario 3 and it was so much fun that Henry decided he simply had to go back with her for a couple of days.  I had a minor aneurysm when I learned that Sadi was all for the idea, since she generally gets a little nervous when he's alone with me for more than twenty minutes ;).  But it turned out really well!  Henry got to stay up late, we got to run out of the house whenever we felt like it, and we had a sweet reunion when he came back.  I didn't realize how much having a kid impacts every single minute of my day until he was gone for a little bit - it's crazy!  We forgot what it was like to just both go do something and not have to worry about getting a sitter and getting back soon - and going to the temple together was really nice.  But we missed our little chubby kid.
 Speaking of crazy things to do when your kids gone - we decided to take up Tennis!  If it goes well, we'll think about yachting and polo - in the meantime we bought rackets and had a blast even though we both have a few accuracy issues.
 Henry looks good in hats.  For the three seconds he'll let them stay on his head.  You know, if I were him, I'd be curious about what was up there too.
 Sadi made cinnamon rolls again.  And bread.  My life ... is really good.
Henry can stand up without holding on to things for a few seconds at a time now, which we are super excited about and he is completely oblivious to.  He only does it when he needs both hands to chew on something and he just forgets to hold on to something solid.  So, we're super excited, but he thinks we're just getting into how good he is at chewing on Dad's iPhone.  Yep ... but that doesn't stop us from being SUPER PROUD!  Our kid is awesome!!! Now if only he was a little fatter ....
Other news? I'm wrapping up summer research and starting school in a couple of weeks.  Sadi graduated from spin class, which means she's now qualified to ride bicycles that actually go places.  Henry and I went for a long walk on Saturday and he skinned his toe but doesn't seem to mind - he was just happy about the adventure.  I think I hold the world efficiency record in the obscure field of remote-controlled model airplane jump-gliding as a result of my summer research.  I still confuse people when I use "Harvard" and "engineering" in the same sentence.  Stanford's football team is apparently playing games now and scoring a bunch of those goal-point-units.  Sadi just aced another paper and is moving through Western Governor's university like the Highland girls basketball team tearing up some sissy school.  Like Teddy Roosevelt once said, "life is a great big state championship."  Being a dad is great, being married to Sadi is a dream come true, and sometimes it makes you want to sing and dance.  And sometimes I do.  :)


  1. aahhhh good job Morgan! Loved hearing from the guy's view this time!
    Miss you guys!

  2. Wonderful post! it's great to hear from the guys every once and a while =). Thanks for keeping us updated. It's so neat that Henry can stand on his own (even if it is to chew on things ;).

  3. Ha ha ha love this post! I can't believe Henry's standing up. McKenna misses him! And we miss you guys. Glad to see you're doing well!

    Love, all of us Parkers

  4. Don't joke about the Stanford football team, you guys are *lucky* to have great games to go to. Do you get my wordplay? If not, you don't deserve to be there.