Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life is good.  Really.  Sometimes, it feels like we actually have friends.  Sometimes, it feels like I'm almost on top of things.  Sometimes, MT is ahead in school.  Sometimes, Henry goes to bed without a binky.  Sometimes, it feels like we're actually right where God wants us... and I love it! 

Henry is so grown up now.  I can't even stand it.  He loves to be around older kids and laugh at what they do.  He's learning how to climb, say words (mostly sounds but "ball" and "bye bye" he gets pretty well), and walk even faster than he already is.  He finally figured out how to go down the stairs.  And as mentioned before we've taken the binky away.  It takes him a lot longer to fall asleep but he slept through the night last night and the night before so I'm hoping it's working (we went with the cold turkey method).  Here are some pictures :)
Sometimes I look at him and feel like he's not a baby anymore.  He's just so grown up sometimes.
Disney store fun :)

I don't have any pictures but Nana came to visit not too long ago.  It was a crazy busy week and she helped us out soooooo much.  We went out to eat, went on walks, made bread and cinnamon rolls- the whole shebang.  Henry loves his grandma's like crazy.  It's sad to think that no matter where we end up we're never going to live close to both sides of the family :(
I had just finished cleaning the whole house and I walked in the kitchen and saw this... nothing is safe anymore ;)
I was showing him how to make pizza crust and he found a tomato- He does what he wants!

It was my birthday last week- the big 22. MT surprised me by having my mom come visit for a day! It was so awesome. I was completely surprised and was really glad to see my mommy :) She took me shopping and watched Henry while MT and I went out to eat (which is a whole other story that isn't that funny). We also played some serious idiots delight (card game).  All in all, it was a wonderful day and I got some great thoughtful gifts. Thanks everyone!

Here's the trio. I've got to think of of good name for the 3 of them. Off the top of my head we've got tricky trio, dynamic duo plus one, 3 peas in a pod, tres amigos... I don't know. I'll collaborate with their parents and get the final word. It's so much fun to watch these kids (especially because they are more excited to see me than Henry ever is). More importantly though I think Henry really looks up to them. Kids his age don't really "play" with each other unless it's like peek-a-boo or something but he watches Johnny and Eden and I think really grows from being around them. Maybe if I keep him from social contact he won't grow up! yeah! Diabolical mother plan :)
haha.  The toy car was very popular that day :)

Henry woke up looking like this one morning.  Just thought it was a funny picture.
Daddy dressed him this day...

Here's us at our first Stanford Women's volleyball game.  Man, that was fun to watch.  Reminds me of the ol' high school volleyball days.  I miss it a lot.

I think of things every day and say "Oh, I'm gonna write that on my blog."  But then I forget.  oops.  I can't find the charger to my camera so I'm still using my iPhone for all my pictures.  That's the Pope update for today.  There's a possibility I'll be in Arizona next week.  Can't wait!!!!

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  1. Love the pictures!! I can't believe how big Henry is!! Jared and I really miss meeting up with you and Morgan.. we always had so much fun! One day when I have oodles of money (not sure when that will be).. I will definitely be buying my plane ticket to California!! Miss you!! - Jenna