Sunday, December 4, 2011

Henry Turns 1!!!

You know how when you're growing up it always seems like the younger sibling gets privileges sooner or better than you did?  Like, when I was 10 I went to bed at 8 o'clock but my little sister Emmee who is 10 goes to bed at 10 o'clock (I'm not actually sure how true this is but I'm just illustrating a point).  Well, it gets worse when you have your own kids.  My son, now at the ripe old age of 1... went to Disneyland for his first birthday.  I know, I know it sounds ridiculous.  But sometimes the grandparents just can't help it.  It's a serious condition I call wowilovemygrandsonsomuchmorethanmyactualchildreniamgoingtogivehimeverythingheneedswantsanddoesntwantjusttomakesureheisasspoiledaspossible syndrom.  But to be honest, I'm really ok with it.  Because I LOVE DISNEYLAND.  I secretly want my husband to be an imagineer just so we can go to Disneyland whenever we want.  When I talk about things I would buy if I were rich- an annual pass to Disneyland is probably in the top 2.  I would dress up like a princess just to get into Disneyland.  I would do just about anything just to go to Disneyland.  Lick a toilet bowl, wax a tiger, run until I passed out, walk on hot coals, kiss a fish, run outside in my underwear, eat a mouse, watch a medical show without closing my eyes, sneeze with out closing my eyes... all of these are things I would do just to go to Disneyland.  ANYWAY, all in all it was a really really fun trip and Henry enjoyed it too. 
We got there at 12:30 at night.  He naturally woke up when we got him out of the car.  And he naturally ate a birthday cup cake at the same time.

 He loves talking on the phone!  Great Grandma and Grandpa Rogers called him :)
 Some of my family came and MT's sister came too.  It was nice with such a big group because while some people went on rides with Henry, others got to go on the "big people" rides.

 Peter Pan was Henry's first ride a Disneyland.  It got pretty dark at some points and he started to whimper... but liked the rest of it a lot :)

 I'm one!!!!!!

Another cupcake before bed of course!

I want to go back.  It was so great.  I think I'll have another kid soon just so I can go back again.  This is a first birthday tradition right Grammy?!? :)

PS. That wasn't an announcement.  I'm not pregnant.

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  1. How fun!! Only one question, What's a Stormtrooper doing in Disneyland?