Sunday, December 4, 2011

Madie, Merry thanksgiving, Much too Many pictures

I just looked at the picture of Henry in the bathtub below and a Brittany Spears song just came to mind and I automatically changed the words in my head, "I'm not boy, not yet man."  Sorry, glimpses into my head can be scary.

 I did not do this to my son, that was my husband.  Just in case someone is going to report us for abuse.  I know not to put my kid into a dryer :)
 Chilling on campus.
 I turned around for 20 seconds tops and he's gotten into the oats.  I'm still cleaning it up.
 On top of Hoover Tower!!!
 Doing a man's work :)

As for the series of next pictures.  My sister-in-law, Madie, got home from a 1.5 year long mission to England.  She came to visit us for a week and a half.  At some point during that time she felt the need to take pictures of herself with my phone.  As a result... I will post them here :)  Love ya sista.

 Madie was here for a week when everyone else came to celebrate Thanksgiving!  It was actually a really great time.  It was so nice to have Jane, Lyle, Pa, Mimi, and Madie here.  Madie had us all make a list of 5 people (alive) that we would like to have lunch with.  Mine: Julie Andrews, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Julie B. Beck, Chuck Norris. Oh ya. 
 Papa and Nan gave Henry some cool birthday gifts.  He LOVES cars and trucks :)

 We made bread and rolls.  And they rocked.
 The whole gang!
 Da food!

 Henry with Pa and Mimi :)  The hat and Wooly the Wolf were gifts from them.
 Woah!  Look at that Jedi! 
 This hiking pack has been AMAZING!

 Nan trying to take Henry back to Utah with her.

I love the holidays, I love family, and I love Jesus.  My life... is awesome.


  1. What cute pictures you got of Henry! I love the look on his face in the one with Nan (I wanna stay here!). The leaves are gorgeous!! You should frame those on your wall!

  2. splendid pictures I do say! however, I do not approve of you posting to the public pictures I took of myself just for you. is nothing sacred? haha. I am trunky for california!!! great thanksgiving indeed.