Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sorry ladies... he's mine :)

As promised, here is the story of our 3rd anniversary.  Although, I would first like to give some back story.  Our first anniversary was spent in Plymouth, Massachusetts where we go a hotel, walked around the quaint town, and saw the famous and rather small Plymouth Rock.  Our second anniversary the hubs wanted to plan himself.  The whole story can be read here but basically I was really worried that he wouldn't think of something or forget to set everything up and it would be a disaster.  However, it ended up being probably one of the top 3 dates we have ever been on.  We went on a Boston Harbor dinner cruise and danced the night away.  Apparently, the hubs enjoyed the whole "surprise wifey with something really awesome" thing and he decided to do it again, even though he's in the middle of his end of the year project. 
So, he comes home from the lab and tells me he's taking Henry to sleep at a friends house and that my ride would be here at 7:15 to pick me up for dinner.  Confused and slightly worried I got ready.  As it turns out, one of his classmates is at the door to drive me to dinner in his mini cooper (pretty sick ride if you ask me).  He starts driving me into campus and we're getting closer and closer to the lab that the hubs works at.  I told Pete, his classmate, that if we were eating in the lab to take me home right then because I wasn't going to do that :) 
Pete drops me off right outside the lab and another one of the hub's classmates opens my door wearing tan shorts, no shoes, a suit jacket, with a cloth on his arm (he looks like a goofy/fancy waiter).  He walks me behind the lab.  I wish now that I would have taken a picture of what I saw.  You know in the movies when the guys sets up a table for two with candles in a super romantic spot?  Well, there was the hubs sitting at a table for two in the middle of a pond with fountains and everything.  It was soooo sweet!  His classmates served us 3 courses (that may or may not have come from Applebee's carside-to-go) and even played some music.  It was probably one of the most romantic settings ever.  And it was so much fun!  Here are some pictures-

I also wish I would have gotten pictures of what happened after dinner.  The hubs pulled out two super soakers and we totally had a water fight.  It was awesome and I clearly won.  Anyway, it was such a nice night and it was fun to rekindle the light of our marriage.  Morgan (Thomas) and I are pretty opposite and different in a lot of ways but honestly, I'm so glad we're different.  He shows me how to be who I am regardless of the people around me.  He always makes me a better person and he never lets me forget that I'm loved.  So, to the best three years of my life.  Happy anniversary babe!


  1. so cute and creative! I love it!

  2. I LOVE this. you guys are GREAT.

  3. Sophie is looking at the pictures and wants to know how come you're in the water. But really, that date is kind of ridiculous in the coolest way possible, if you know what I mean.