Monday, January 7, 2013

A little bit of catch up

What's the cure to a super uncomfortable pregnancy (yes, I will complain about how uncomfortable I am until this little girl decides to come on out)?  Vacation.  We went to Logan, UT and spent Christmas with the in-laws.  I laid on the couch for probably 60 to 70 percent of the trip.  Henry probably spent that same amount of time playing/begging to play in the snow (pronounced 'no' by the kid himself- still working on the whole s sound at the beginning of words thing).  MT spent most of the time reading or having sarcastic and illogical arguments with his siblings.  Really though, it was so nice to be around family, relax, and celebrate Jesus' birthday :)

The second day we were there my hubby and MIL surprised me with a graduation/graduation party.  I won't be able to attend the actual ceremony in February with the new addition so they threw me my own!  MT was the keynote speaker, I wore a robe and hat, they played music as I walked in, and even gave me a close to real diploma (the real one is now hanging my bedroom thankyouverymuch).  Best of all, almost my whole family came up from AZ and spend the day with me.  I had NO CLUE they were coming.  I opened the door and saw all 6 of them standing there and I cried like a baby.  It was just good to see them since I didn't get to be with them on Christmas.  Best surprise ever- Thanks to the hubby and MIL.

We're back now, back to real life.  But you know what?  It's not bad.  I'm having a good time getting ready for this little girl to come.  I'm having a good time not worrying about what I need to do for school.  I'm having a good time being a mom.  2012 was probably one of the hardest/busiest years of my life.  I know I made it hard on some other people too.  But I'm turning my hard work/selfishness/ busyness into something great for 2013.  I'm going to be a better wife and mother by being more relaxed, taking advantage of the moments that matter most, and focusing on growing spiritually instead of temporally.  Just thought you all should know my 2013 vision.

Baby update: She's healthy and really strong despite the 2-vessel cord and elevated amniotic fluid (which was back to normal levels as of last week!!!).  They've been monitoring us a lot more but I really feel like she's the strongest little girl.  She's always kicking and moving and I'm so grateful for that.   With all my complaining, I hope it doesn't make me sound ungrateful.  I know a lot of people right now that want to or are trying to have a baby but can't.  And other people who have had tragic things happen to their babies.  I am so humbled by God's plan for me.  I just hope I use my circumstances the way he wants me to.

Henry update: He loves to fight like Buzz light year by shooting the laser from his arm accompanied by a phrase that sounds a lot like "die mom" or "die dad" or "die whatever I'm shooting at".  We try to enforce the phrase "watch out mom" or "watch out dad" for obvious reasons.  He's gotten really good at communicating his thoughts and observations.  "Light" to point out sources of light, green (pretty much his favorite color), wet, cold, sad, crying, etc.  He just likes to talk about things that he sees and I love it.  Although, we still can't get all the words he's saying... and that's the worst.  He must have an intuition that another baby is coming along because he's been very attached and emotional these past couple of weeks.  I'm a little worried. 

Alright, I think we're good.  I just wanted to catch up a little bit before our little girl gets here.  Here's to 2 more weeks (hopefully she's nicer than Henry and comes on or before her due date?!?). 

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