Friday, September 20, 2013

My Grandpa Rogers

My grandpa passed away on Sunday.  Him and my grandma were/are the biggest influences on our family and by family I mean my immediate family and my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  Of course, there is the fact that none of us would be here with out them... but its more than that.    My sister dressed up as my grandpa for Halloween once.  My grandpa would go to the "fathers and sons" camping outing as much as he could.  He went to all the sports events- as long as he wasn't in the hospital.  He was a legend, legacy, and patriarch that touched his children, their children (me), and their children's (my) children.  I grew up looking up to this man and didn't realize until later in life that not everyone has that.  I feel blessed to have known him.  Now, I don't mean to improperly describe him here.  He was probably the most inappropriate and loudest piece of country you'd ever come across.  Over the past little bit, he had some pretty low times and we thought we'd lose him.  I firmly believe that was him messing with the family.  That's just his personality.  Hey, look guys, get sad because I'm gonna die.  Oh wait, a week later I'm back to walking around and yelling at referees.  It's just how he was... He loved it.  And I loved him for it.  

During one of the "low" times I wrote down some of my favorite memories of him.  I want to share them here.  ***There will be swearing.  Grandpa wouldn't have it any other way.

-I told my Grandpa I was dating Morgan.  He asked to see a picture.  He looked and the only thing he said was, "Oh shit"

-Per tradition, he brought a shotgun to our wedding, and told Morgan he'd better take care of me or he'd hunt him down

-He was always singing, "She's got a freckle on her butt, she's pretty.  I watched her ass she turned the corner."

-He'd often say, "you look like you've been drinking muddy water" Never quite sure what that actually meant

-He was always yelling at sports games.  Even if he couldn't see a damn thing he'd be yelling "Clabberhead, get your eyes checked!"

-Once he heard Morgan's last name- Pope- he's only referred to him as 'Ol Poke.

-During my games, when it was quiet, he'd yell, "Sadi my lady!"

-Most everyday, him and my grandma would pick me up from half day kindergarten and we'd go straight to Taco Bell.  I'd get 2 double deckers and pinto and cheese

-I once was complaining about how hard volleyball practice was, he simply said, "Why don't you come suck my titty little baby."  I was scarred for life and learned to not complain around him ever again.  

-I wasn't present for this, but one time, he accidentally threw his keys in the dumpster and went in after them- he was like 80 years old and it was blazing hot in Arizona.  He got stuck.  Bahaha.  Every time I think about it I start laughing so hard.

-He'd always tell us about how a long time ago, when Arizona was mostly under water, him and Buffalo Bill Cody rowed around in a boat and painted the tops of the mountains- that's why you see all the cool layered colors on the mountains.

Oh man, I can think of a million more stories about him.  

He was the richest man I ever knew.  No, not rich in money.  He has 5 children, 30 grandchildren, and 44 great-grandchildren.  Every single one of us knew that man.  He supported us, told us dirty jokes, and loved us better than any other dad, grandpa, and great grandpa ever could.  

I miss you.  Thank you for raising our family with God's influence.  You're faith and love has guided so many to love God.  And thank you for teaching us that we'll all be together again.

Oh, and I must spread the message he told everyone.  


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just be nice! (said in a whiny voice)

This post has been on mind for a while now.  These thoughts started during the Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, developed more during the Gay Marriage disputes, and are continuing to develop as I read more into the "Mommy Wars" (breastfeeding v formula fed, working v stay at home, organic living and eating v non organic living and eating, etc) and the Mormon feminist movement.

I have a confession...  I really, a lot of the time, hate freedom of speech.  Cue gasp from everyone.  My husband loves it (maybe because he's very good at expressing himself through words), me, not so much.  I, of course, enjoy expressing my thoughts, views, and opinions freely but don't do it quite as eloquently as I'd like.  And most of the time, I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts as well.  It is the responses to my opinions and other peoples opinions that makes me cringe.  Am I making sense?

Example time.  Here are two statements that are controversial in nature but are generally the honest opinion of actual people. *Note- these are not necessarily my opinions

1. God loves all people and people should be able to love one another without judgement in regards to sexuality.  What harm does two married men do to a heterosexual couple?  Let people love and be loved.

2. Many believe you should be who you are and not try to conform.  But life is about change.  Changing from a natural state to a state greater than we can even imagine; a state God wants us to live by.

Honestly, the above statements both interest me.  I would love to have conversations with people who hold either of those thoughts (I understand there are more arguments for both "sides" of this issue).  While they may not be politically correct or completely unbiased, they both present their thoughts in pretty respectful ways.  These next statements is where my, "I hate freedom of speech" comes from. *Note- these are not my opinions but are based on actual posts and articles and blogs I have read.

1. Seriously, it's just not natural to have two girls together.  If people were meant to be homosexual then why can't they naturally have babies?  The crap that goes on in today's society is just sick.

2. So much for the "Christian" lifestyle.  People are narrow minded idiots to not support gay marriage.  Did we not already jump this hurdle with the civil rights movement?

Do you see the difference?  I know it's in language and how it's presented but often people start with a for-the-most-part respectful phrase and then get pounded with responses and replies that are borderline abuse. 

Why does everything have to be about taking sides?  With the whole thing in Syria- Obama's like, "let's take responsibility and show them that's not acceptable" and I hear a lot of people saying, "what the heck? That's the dumbest possible thing you can do."  I wonder if Obama would have been like, "sadly, there's nothing we can do about the events in Syria" if more people would say, "Why the heck aren't you doing anything about what's going on in Syria?!?"

I understand having differences in opinions.  I'm not saying that everyone should accept each others beliefs.  What I'm saying is, WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE SO MEAN???  I get it.  These are real issues that go deep into peoples hearts.  I know it's so important for your baby to be breastfed and I know it's so important for you as a woman to be equal to a man but do we really gain that much by generalizing, calling names, being overly sarcastic, and all that other stuff? 

I've been wanting- so badly- to post my views on who our president should be, on what we should be feeding our babies, whether I think women should hold the priesthood or wear pants or not, etc.  But I can't.  I get sick when I think of the backlash I'd get from the public, my friends, and probably family (not everyone but some).  I'm not ashamed of my beliefs.  If you ask me face to face I'll be honest.  But the things people are willing to say on a computer screen are not things I enjoy reading.  In essence, I actually don't hate freedom of speech.  But I do wish people would stop, think, and then respectfully respond to each other.

And I'm sure I've said things in here that a lot of people disagree with.  Let me guess what you're thinking, "It's my right to say what I want so get over yourself, Sadi"  "You're a coward for not posting your beliefs.  Be a big girl and stand up for what you believe." "Hey, you generalized and excluded me because I'm respectful when I post my thoughts".  I get it.

We can argue about anything.  There was this Dove commercial that was supposedly promoting self beauty.  I saw many postings saying, "Watch this, everyone is beautiful" and then I read other blogs and articles about how the whole thing is ridiculous and and there a racial biases and they are focusing on the wrong kind of beauty.  It's a video put on by a soap company!  Why do we have to analyze the heck of it?  Why do we have to watch a commercial to realize how beautiful we are?  Blah.

Why do we have to make such a big deal of one person's thoughts? 

I guess in a way it's good.  All this controversy keeps me on my toes and thinking about what I really believe.  I just wish I wouldn't get that "I wish I didn't read all those comments after that post/article/blog" feeling.  I do LOVE it when I read an uplifting article/post/blog.  Maybe I should just stop reading people's comments.

If you get anything from this post- Just be nice.

Ok.  I'm done.  You can go on with your lives.

Let's lighten it up

I've been thinking about new inventions for mom's of small children:

-A shirt that has several layers so when you get spit up on you just peel the top layer off and voila- clean shirt.  Some of you ask well why don't you just have them spit up in a burp rag?  Reality check- you can have burp rags all over your flippin body and your baby WILL find a way to get it on what you're wearing.  You think I'm joking?  Go ask a mom, right now.  Some ask, well  why don't you just change your shirt?  Ain't no body got time for that.

-A shirt that has chew toys attached to the shoulders.  Right on top and going down the arm.  Kate is 8 months and when I hold her she still likes to chew on my shoulder/shirt.  It's genius.  Shirt for you, chew toy for baby.  Can you tell I have children spitting up on me and dirty shirts all the time?

-A heart rate monitor for children to wear all the time and portable device that tells the parents the rates.  That way, when Henry is up stairs and I'm down stairs busy doing dishes, my monitor starts beeping when his heart rate goes up because he's about to color his wall blue, his feet and legs blue, and his face and arms blue.  Better than a video monitor because you can keep track of them in all locations.  It also would beep when Kate's heart rate when down because Henry is smothering her with hugs and literally smothering her (this didn't actually happen, although I have no doubt it would if I left them together long enough- he means well).  Or would that make her heart rate go up?  Maybe it would go up first and then down?  I don't know.  Either way- genius invention.

-A mommy room.  You know how you have a living room and a kitchen and a bedroom?  How about a room just for mom.  It's got NOTHING in it.  No clutter, nothing to clean... maybe a bed.  No, then you'd have to make it.  Ok, it'd have a super huge big pillow to lay on and a TV showing only Walker Texas Ranger (or what ever her favorite show is) and all of that would be in a large vacuum so no dust would accumulate.  Alright, this one needs some work.

-microwaves with pre programmed meals.  "Man, I don't have stuff for lunch today," says mom.  (Walks over to microwave and presses button that reads PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH, CARROTS, AND APPLES).  Boom.  Lunch appears.  It could be called Meal Appear.  Quick Food.  Gimme Food.  Food Wave.  Super Food.  eh, idk. 

Anyway, that's about it.