Thursday, October 27, 2016

Watching your kids grow up is real, y'all.

 Watching your kids grow up is real, y'all. 

Henry had karate yesterday.  During warm-up they were supposed to be circling their legs in, but Henry was circling them out (not realizing he was doing it wrong).  The teacher went to Henry and showed him the right way... it took him a while to figure it out.  Eventually he did.  Yay.  But then it was time to circle your legs out and the teacher asked Henry to demonstrate because he had just been doing it that way.  Well, he was stuck on circling his legs in because he had just been corrected and couldn't get himself to switch back to what he was doing originally.  I saw his face.  I knew he was getting frustrated because he had a strained smile and was getting red in the face.  He was then sent back in line and someone else showed how to do it.

My heart ached watching him when he got back in line.  He was taking deep breaths and holding back tears.  He kept wiping his eyes and even whimpering a little.  The teacher didn't notice (which is fine, I think it was better that way) but he looked at me.  I wanted to call him over and hold him and give him a hug.  I wanted to tell him that it was all right.  That I knew he could do it and that it was confusing and he shouldn't feel bad about it.

Instead I just gave him a thumbs up and the most confident "you are alright" face I could.  He did the rest of the class like a rock star.  I'm so proud of that boy.  He was embarrassed, confused, and flustered in front of his class.  But he kept going.  He did great.  He didn't even need me.  It's like he's already left for college and I'm never going to see him again.  My heart is so proud of him and sad that he's growing up.  

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