Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grandma Rogers

My grandma Rogers passed away last week.  The matriarch of our large, rowdy, hilarious family.  It's hard to put into words how much this woman has blessed this world because she didn't go around winning awards (that I know of), or doing crazy things (like my grandpa), or magnifying any of the things that the world holds dear today (fame, technology, etc.).  It's hard to put into words the strength, love, and compassion that is present over so many years and blessed so many lives. 

There was a time when I talked to my Grandma Rogers every day... in kindergarten Grandma and Grandpa Rogers would pick me up from school.  They'd take me to Taco Bell.  I'd order two double deckers and pinto and cheese.  And I'd play at their house with blocks.  Just plain blocks that came in a blue cloth sack.  They'd praise me for my buildings and laugh when it fell.  Grandma also had this castle.  It was plastic but had a cannon that actually shot toys balls out.  It was my favorite.  The toys were simple but entertaining. 

And I feel like that's my grandma Rogers.  Simple- most of the decorations in her house were pictures on the walls of family or roosters.  She didn't need much.  Entertaining- you never left Grandma Rogers without laughing.  Sometimes you were laughing because otherwise you'd be crying.  She had a way of telling you just what she thought and not caring what anybody else had to say about it.  Like after I had two kids and she told me I look "healthy" but actually meant I looked fat (usually she just said fat so that was her being kind).  She showed up at all the games, recitals, and performances that she could.  She never had to be the star but always wanted to let you know she was rooting for you.

Since I've lived out of Arizona, I only talked to my grandma when I visited, birthdays, or holidays which was every couple of months.  Every time we'd talk she'd have specific questions or comments like, "How is Henry's karate?" "I heard Kate had a bad tantrum the other day.".  How did she know these things?  She asked my parents about me and my family all the time.  She had 30 grandchildren and 58 great grand children and she asked about me... the one who isn't around very much.  I always left those phone calls feeling loved. 

My everyday hasn't changed much.  But my heart is broken knowing I won't have anymore of those phone calls.  If I ever needed the family to know things I would tell her and her loud mouth would spread it like wildfire. 

This woman, my Grandma Rogers, GG, is the biggest example of quiet, fierce love that I hope I can demonstrate for my posterity.  These words don't do her the slightest justice of what a wonderful, hilarious, cheeky woman she was.  But I needed to write it down.  I love you Grandma Rogers.  I love you.

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