Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm sorry... Thanksgiving is NEXT week?!?

Time... is nuts.  Where the heck did Thanksgiving come from?  I'm so excited but I swear it was May last month.  Anway, lots of pictures for your pleasure :)  Also, I've seen blogs where people put captions of pictures on top.  I think I usually put captions on the bottom.  Which one is right?  I think I'll caption on bottom and stick to that.  Thanks.

One day, I decided to let J Henry eat yogurt all by himself.  Haha.  Enough said.

Needless to say, it was pretty messy.  I decided the best course of action was to wash him in the sink. 

What a man!

For Halloween this year we were planning to dress up as the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Henry being the lion).  However, last minute costumes are perfect for last minute disasters and J Henry's lion costume didn't fit.  We were going to a party the  next day so MT and I dressed up the same as we were last year when J Henry was still in the oven- Mr. Fredrickson and the house from the movie "Up".  This year we tacked on Henry as Russell :)  We had so much fun going to church parties, friend parties, and neighborhood parties (We even won first place at a costume party!  Woot woot).  I think J Henry's first Halloween was a success.

Henry learned how to eat frosting off of a cookie.  I may or may not have shown him how :)
Man, I still didn't decide on a name for these three.  To be continued on that one... I love watching these guys play together.  I'm pretty sure they are J Henry's inspiration for everything he does. 

My first batch EVER of whole wheat bread. I'm not a huge wheat eater so when I ate it all I thought was, "This tastes like wheat bread." I guess it's better than tasting like something else right? ha.
So... this Saturday.  Yes, this very Saturday the 19th day of November 2011  John Henry Pope will be 1 year old!!!!!  BAHHHHHHHAAAAHHHH!  What is happening?!?  I'm so excited.  We've got Aunt Madie who we haven't seen in a year and a half coming.  We're going on an awesome one day trip for Henry's birthday.  And then we've got the rest of Thomas' family coming in for Thanksgiving.  Oh boy it's going to be a crazy couple weeks.  
 Henry got his first present in the mail today!!!  Aunt Carlee gave us permission to open it when it arrived.
 A toy tool set!  He was so interested in it.  The drill has a string you pull and it vibrates... He LOVES it.

 Henry loves church! :)
 Henry and I walked The Dish!  Took about an hour and a half...

 Henry got tired the last half hour. :)
Henry and I going on a morning bike ride!

Well, I'll report back sometime when life slows down.  So many good things happening.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning about God...

Tonight was one of those nights when I picked up J Henry and rocked him instead of letting him cry (I could go on about this issue but I'll save that for another time). As opposed to the other nights when he goes to sleep fine, then wakes up screaming at intervals throughout the night, and I lay awake and listen and pray that he'll calm down and go to sleep soon.

I picked him up and he lay on my chest while I rocked him and a flood of thoughts went through me. The way he immediately calmed down and embraced me was incredibly mesmerizing and humbling. He needs me. All the other things he experiences right now he may be unsure of but one thing I know that he knows is that mom will always be there. Which led me to my next thought about God. When was the last time I felt the embrace of his arms encircle me? I do not doubt that he is there for me or that he loves me. But when, or should I say, why have I not let Him see how completely dependent on Him I am? I was so deeply touched tonight because Henry let me hold him and let me know how much he needs me. So, just as I feel for Henry, does not God feel the same for me? God already knows I need him but the feeling that comes when a child SHOWS you they need you is indescribable. I can't believe I've been depriving my Heavenly Father of that feeling. I now have this incredible desire to fall at His feet and praise and worship and thank Him.

Tonight I learned that I want to be a little bit more like my son. Tonight I learned a little bit more about God.