Sunday, October 5, 2014

Update of the last year?

Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you guys.  How about our last trip we went on :)  Ok.  We always fly Southwest.  They have cheaper tickets, 2 free bags per person, and they usually let Henry say hi to the pilots.

We went to Arizona first for my sister, Ali's, wedding.  And guess what?  I only took 3 pictures.  Kicking myself now but it was a busy and fun week.  Something about seeing my dad sleep next to my son pulls at my heart strings.  Love these guys.

Grammy has a huge sink which makes a perfect little bathtub :)

These two leaving the reception... It makes me so happy to see my sister so happy.  It was a really great day to start off the rest of forever :)

Then we went to Cache Valley.  We went to Logan's Hero's sandwich shop.  I got the Rogers Sandwich!  It was actually pretty good :)

I got to meet my first niece, Eleanor, or "baby lella" as Kate says it.  She is probably the most well behaved and cutest little baby I've ever met.  

The boys went on a camping trip.  MT is exactly like his "Pa".  It's so fun to see them together.  Also, note how both MT and my father-in-law have iphone outlines on their pants.  Weirdos.

A photo from the camping trip :)  Sometimes I wonder what this little guy is going to be like when he grows up... and then I see pictures like this and I know he'll be just like his dad.  No shame in who he is, no sense of fashion, and incredibly funny!

A shot from my in-laws back yard.  Just makes me really really happy.

Meeting and holding baby Eleanor.  He was so enthralled with her and was so sweet.

This girl (Kate) was head over heals with baby Eleanor.  She loved her toes, fingers, nose, ears and eyes.  It was so precious to see her interact with her new cousin.  I have predictions they will be really great friends one day.

This is a little bit of a dream come true for me.  I want J Henry to love and appreciate his country/cowboy roots so badly.  He sat on the horse by himself while papa led him around.  I was one proud mom.

And this girl made it on for her first time too!  So much happy!

Waiting for the rain to fall :)

Tony Grove.  Beauty all around and the kids loved it.

Everyone was tuckered out.

Rides on the rhino!!!

JH loved it :)

Overall, Arizona and Utah were so much fun.  Thanks to families for making it a great time.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

You know you are pregnant when...

  • people you don't even know-and even those you do- comment on your weight, size, and body shape without the slightest inclination of what they are actually saying.  (i.e. "You're getting big!"  "You're having a boy right?  I could tell because all the weight is in the front.")
  • you almost cry when you are talking to your daughter about not biting mom in the stomach... because it hurts.
  • Heart Freaking Burn- all the time.
  • that event you've had on your calendar for weeks and even updated the night before?  You miss it.  Why?  Because you forgot.
  • soda always sounds good.  Until after, when you get heart burn from it.
  • you become skilled at picking things up with your toes so you don't have to bend over.
  • you go from drinking water to almost peeing your pants in 2 minutes.
  • you are constantly trying not to throw up or gag.
  • tired is an understatement.
  • you're pretty sure your lung got readjusted by a roundhouse kick... because it's completely possible to readjust lungs people.
Don't worry, there are some good things too:
  • you don't have your period!
  • people generally try to be nicer to you (let you take their seats when there aren't any or offer to help lift things)
  •  you think you're saving money because you don't have to pay for birth control. (but actually you're spending more money on those ice cream bars)